Our Impact

IRELAND TV NEWS believes in hiring the right talent and then giving them the resources and time they need to create independent, original, in-depth reporting that keeps the best interests of the public in mind. We provide analysis and context which requires for developing a better understanding of events happening around them. On our team, we have former sports champions covering sports, lawyers covering topics related to the law, former US military officers covering war, and MBAs and economists covering topics related to the economy.

While we are headquartered in the US, there’s no part of the world we don’t cover. From Afghanistan to Iraq, Antarctica to Africa, and America to Australia, we report the news as it happens, without favor or fear. Our investigations and reports result in meaningful, real, and tangible actions, whether it’s workplace ethics and culture, sexual harassment, or government corruption.

Our news coverage helps the public to develop a better understanding of the world around them, and our Opinion reports help them imagine a World that we can create, through rich debates and intelligent discussions. All our Opinion journalists are specialists in their fields who proffer informed and educated viewpoints on important issues.

Our width of coverage goes well beyond politics and news. Right from our inception, IRELAND TV NEWS has emerged as a deep and thoughtful resource for those topics that touch the daily lives of the viewers.

The audience around the globe looks up to the IRELAND TV NEWS for our top-notch guidance on places to travel, what books to read, what movies to watch, and where to dine. From film to theatre, dining to books, our critics proffer reviews that matter.

Our storytelling goes well beyond the printed word. From our immersive interactives and graphics to best-rated photography, the IRELAND TV NEWS has been setting the benchmark for multimedia storytelling.